Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Please find important information regarding this year’s swimming carnival.

Monday 10 February, 2020
Blacktown Aquatic Centre – 4 Boyd Street, Blacktown

Transport: All students (except 100m Freestyle competitors) will go to Homeroom at the beginning of the day as usual. At the end of Homeroom students will be called to the buses in order of Years 7 through to 12. 

Attendance: Normal school attendance rules apply. If you know you are going to be late to school, please notify the front office before the carnival.

What do I do if it is raining on the morning?
No need to worry. The pool is an indoor pool. You also do not need to worry about a hat or sunscreen.

What do I wear?
All students are encouraged to bring a
shirt/top that represents your house colour. You must wear your FULL MARIAN SPORTS UNIFORM to school and change into your house coloured shirt when you get to the pool. Points will be deducted if a student does not have the correct house colour or Marian sports shirt. Marian sports shorts or trackpants can be worn to school. Board shorts can be worn underneath or change at the pool. For safety reasons students cannot wear thongs, slip ons, etc to school. You may wear those when you get to the pool. Wear sports shoes to school. Don’t forget to bring a towel and swimmers. Girls are to ensure they wear a singlet over a two-piece or bikini. Alternatively, one piece swimwear is permitted. 

Can I bring my ipod, mobile phone, etc?
We encourage students
not to bring mobile phones, ipods or any other valuables to the carnival. They must take full responsibility for them during the day.

What events will there be?
The following events will be held: 50m freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, 100m freestyle (early event 8.30am) and 200IM (late event 2.30pm). Ages for these will be U12’s through to Opens. There will also be 50m freestyle finals if needed.

The other events are: 4 x 50m freestyle relays for Junior (12,13,14), Intermediate (15,16) and Open (17+) age groups. If time permits, there will be a free swim.

There will be an early bus leaving the school at 7.30am for students wanting to compete in the 100m. Additionally, there will be a late bus leaving the pool at 3pm for those students competing in the 200IM. Students must indicate during the House Meeting if they will be catching the bus in the morning and/or the afternoon. Buses will be cancelled if they are not required.

How do I know what age I will be swimming in?
You swim in the age you are turning this year, even if you have already turned that age. Eg: if you turned 14 last month, you swim in the U/14 age group.

Will there be a cheerleading competition?
During the day there will be time set aside for the annual cheerleading competition in which girls and boys can participate. 

Is there a teacher vs student relay this year?
No. This year, we’ll have a lilo race with House members. 

How has our House performed in the previous swimming carnivals?
93-Mack, 94-Mack, 95-Brad, 96-Pat, 97-Brad, 98-Pat, 99-Pat, 00-Mack, 01-Pat, 02-Brad, 03-Brad, 04-Bradman, 05-Bradman, 06-Bradman, 07-Bradman, 08-Bradman, 09-Bradman, 10-Bradman, 11-Paterson, 12-Bradman, 13-Bradman, 14-Bradman, 15-Bradman, 16-Bradman  17 – Mackillop 18- Paterson, 19 – Paterson

Can I go to the canteen when I am at the pool?
Yes, this year each house will be assigned canteen passes. A teacher on supervision will have the passes for you to sign in and out. Alternatively, you may bring your own lunch and make sure you bring your own drink and keep hydrated throughout the day.

Can I swim in the other pools?

Can I sit at the edge of the 50m pool or other pools?
NO, all Houses will have ample seating

Where do I sit during the carnival?
Allocated spaces have been given to each House. You must stay within your House area when you are not competing.

I would like to assist the teachers in some way at the carnival. Is this possible?
Yes, we require some student officials in the following areas: Message runners, scorers and morning tea. If you would like to assist with one of these jobs you need to sign up at the end of this meeting.         

Other information
Students wishing to compete in the 100m freestyle or 200IM event can either make their own way to or from the pool, or catch one of the early/late buses (mentioned earlier). The 100m freestyle event starts at 8.30am, before the school arrives and the 200IM starts at 2.30pm when the school is departing the pool. Students wishing to compete in these events must sign up during the House Meeting (permission notes were handed out at Year meetings and must be returned ASAP). Students competing in only one of the two extra events i.e. only the 100m and not the 200IM are permitted to travel to/back via bus.

  • Students are not permitted to use floaties, kickboards, flippers or any other such novelty item that would not normally be allowed in a swimming race.
  • Students will not be awarded participation points for treating the event as a novelty race e.g. walking the length of the pool etc.
  • If time permits we will have novelty events.
  • Students must NOT wear/bring face paint, zinc, hair spray etc. This is largely due to the mess that is left at the venue, particularly the toilet.

Good luck, thank you for your efforts and I hope everything goes well.

Mr Adam Thomas
External Sports Coordinator