Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Please find advice from Busways Group regarding changes to their service:

Commencing Monday 27th May 2019 there will be significant changes to the Busways Western Sydney Network, resulting from the introduction of the Norwest Metro.

Information from Busways advising students and parents of any changes to current services will be distributed on the affected services from this week.

However, due to the scale of change involved and to ensure all students are aware of the changes, we urge parents to check the Schools New Timetable starting 27 May to familiarise themselves with the changes.

PLEASE NOTE: The new timetables are not currently available, however they will be uploaded no later than 20th May 2019. You can find your schools timetable here after this date (please select the link to the right of your School’s name labelled “New timetable | 27 May 2019”):

Alternatively, you can use TfNSW Transport Planner to view all transport options (not just Busways services, i.e. including Train, Metro, Light Rail, Ferry and other bus operator services) to assist students in planning their travel to and from School.

TfNSW Transport Planner can be accessed here (ensure School Bus services are also selected in the options):