Please find a message from Joseph Younes, Director, Communications Services for the Diocese of Parramatta, with a request for parents to complete a survey about Cathol​​ic Outlook. 


Dear friends,

In February 2017, Bishop Vincent announced that the print version of Catholic Outlook (the official publication for the Diocese of Parramatta) will cease print publication and shift online instead to and our various social media channels.

At the time, Bishop Vincent also said, “Moving forward, I will also give consideration to the publication of a periodical in magazine format.”

As it has now been over 12 months since that announcement, Bishop Vincent would like your feedback, via the below online survey, on how you think Catholic Outlook is progressing. Bishop Vincent would like to better understand what changes, if any, you would like to see to Catholic Outlook. How can it be improved? Would you like to see a periodical print magazine? What other changes should be made?

The Catholic Outlook survey can be found here:

This survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete. It is available from today and will be closed at 5pm on Monday 21 May 2018. All responses are anonymous and confidential, unless you wish to be identified.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact myself on or 02 8838 3435.