Dear Parents & Caregivers,

An excursion has been organised for students of Years 9, 10, 11 & 12 Dance, Drama, Music and VET Entertainment elective classes to attend the Sydney production of ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’.

The excursion covers a number of outcomes in all 3 courses.  It provides supplementary work for music students in the ‘Music and Technology’ and ‘Theatre Music’ topic areas.  Drama students will develop their ability to appreciate a production from a professional perspective, that is, through the close study of ‘The Playbuilding Process’, ‘Appreciating a Script’ and ‘Developing a Role or Character’.  Dance students will extend their understanding of the Musical Theatre dance unit and VET Entertainment students will be provided an insight of the production process in a professional environment.

The performance will take place at the Capitol Theatre, Haymarket on 12th June.  The cost for each student is $72 which covers bus transport to and from the venue and the ticket. The balance of the payment is $22 (total amount less $50 deposit) must be paid by June 7th 2019.

Students will depart from the College at 10:30am by bus and will return to the school at approx. 5:00pm.  Students will NOT be back at the College in time to connect with regular bus services and parents and carers will need to make alternate transport arrangements. As this trip is made during peak hour, it is normal to expect some delay.  

Students may have the opportunity to purchase a snack at the venue, depending on time available.

Please contact me at the College if you have any concerns.


When: Wednesday 12th June, 2019
Venue: Capitol Theatre, Sydney
Final Ticket Cost: $72 per person ($22 final payment to be made if you have already paid the $50 deposit)
Students will depart from the College at 10.30am by bus and will return to the school at approximately 5.00pm.
Uniform: Students are expected to wear their full school uniform on the day.
For: Years 9-12 Dance, Drama, Music & VET Entertainment students


Please make final payment of $22 through the Trybooking link and fill out the permission form below by Friday 7 June. If you have not paid the initial $50 deposit, please pay the final amount of $72 through this link.



PLEASE NOTE: We are currently trialling a new payment gateway through trybooking for our excursions. Please go to the link below to make payment via Credit Card. A service fee will be added to the booking but PLEASE NOTE we have factored this into the total cost of the excursion and have absorbed this cost. Also note that American Express payments incur a 1.1% charge in addition to the total cost of the excursion.


Yours Sincerely,

Mr Andrew Hudson
Leader of Learning – CAPA


Charlie & the Chocolate Factory - Permission

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory - Permission