Dear Parents & Caregivers,
Please find information regarding the Marian Cross Country Friday which will be held on school grounds this Friday, 15 March.
Students will be running the Cross Country in year groups, and will still have normal classes for the rest of the day.
All students need to wear CORRECT College sports uniform all day. If students do not have FULL SPORTS uniform they need to wear their school uniform and get changed before they run cross country
Non school uniform articles of clothing will result in detentions
Period 1 – Years 11 and 12
Period 2 – Year 7
Period 3 – Years 10 and 8
Period 4 – Year 9
Mr Nasso’s Year 9 PASS class will be assisting all day. Mr Kennedy’s Year 10 PASS class will assist while Mr Nasso’s class are running.
Kind Regards,
Mr Adam Thomas
Year 9 Leader of Learning and External Sport Co-ordinator