Dear Parents & Caregivers,
Please read this important updated information in regards to Marian & St Madeleine’s pick up & drop off.

We have been monitoring the morning drop off and pick up during the past week and would like to advise you of a few refinements to the system.

This will become effective from Monday 25th March for both Marian Catholic College & St Madeleine’s Primary.

The only access to Marian & St Madeleine’s is still via the main driveway. The second driveway is temporarily closed so the builders can continue their work to build the second carpark and other underground installations for the new church.


After turning in the main driveway you are to turn left into the driveway in front of the Parish House and continue around the entire new carpark loop in a one way direction.

Marian students are to be dropped off adjacent to the Primary school’s demountable and as close to the kerb as possible to allow flow through of passing traffic. St Madeleine’s students are to be dropped off at the Primary school’s COLA.

Parents aren’t permitted to drive further down the main driveway to drop off students between the hours of 8.15am – 9.00am as per the existing signage.

There is a pedestrian walkway from the top end of the oval straight out onto Annangrove Road. This is located close to the previous temporary walkway.

If you would like to park in the new carpark you are able to access the school site via the pedestrian crossing close to the Primary school’s demountable. For the safety of all pedestrians we ask that you use the pedestrian crossing and not cut across the carpark. 

When you are leaving the car park during morning drop off & afternoon pick up you will need to join the carpark loop to exit.

Year 12 students who have permission to park on site will be able to utilise the available parking in this area. All drivers must join the one way queue to exit the site. For safety reasons, all students are to access the pedestrian crossing when entering or exiting the carpark on foot.


All parents will drive in the main driveway and continue around the carpark loop.

Marian students are to be picked up adjacent to the Primary school’s demountable and as close to the kerb as possible to allow flow through of passing traffic. St Madeleine’s students are to be picked up at the Primary school’s COLA.

If you are picking up students from both Marian & St Madeleine’s then pick up is at the Primary school’s COLA for all your children. Please note that COLA passes will be issued by St Madeleine’s to Marian students who have younger siblings. If Marian students aren’t in possession of a COLA pass they will be asked to go and wait at the Marian pick up point adjacent to the Primary school’s demountable.

Teacher supervision of the Marian pick up area is in place until 3.40pm and we ask that you respect the requests of the teacher on duty.

Under no circumstances should students access parent vehicles at any other location.

In the afternoon there will be NO RIGHT TURN from the main gate onto Annangrove Road between 2.30pm and 4pm school days. Buses are excepted. For vehicles wanting to turn right, you will still need to turn left and do a U-turn at the roundabout on Bannerman Rd.

With only one entrance and exit you can appreciate that we need to do all we can to ensure the traffic flows as smoothly as possible.

In the interest of safety there is NO PEDESTRIAN EXIT AT THE MAIN DRIVEWAY. All pedestrians are to exit the school through the newly created pedestrian gate near the top of the oval.

Under no circumstances is any family to drive down the main driveway beyond the St Madeleine’s bus bay during morning and afternoon pick up (8.15am – 9.00am & 3.00pm – 4.00pm). Teachers will be monitoring this very closely.

Please adhere to our 10km speed limit and other signage around the school.

These traffic flow arrangements will be in place until the Church and surrounds are completed later in the year.

Please cooperate with us as we do all we can to create safe traffic and pedestrian access for everyone in our community. Please be patient & respectful of both drivers and pedestrians.