Good afternoon Year 9 parents

Information for Year 9 Camp

Click here for the NAC Organisation Package 2 – Nepean (1) which has a list of items to bring.

Wednesday morning come to school as normal.
We will meet in the shade structure for homeroom. On Friday we will arrive back at school at approx 2.30 pm.

Just a reminder students need to bring:

  • A plate for meals, a bowl for cereal.
  • No singlets – shirts need to cover shoulders. Collared shirts even better
  • No short shorts
  • An extra pair of joggers that can get wet while canoeing
  • x2 Towels
  • A hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Jumper/long sleeve shirt
  • Pyjamas
  • Swimmers

Students will have their phones kept safe and sound during activities and at night time. The aim of the camp is to get away for 3 days and experience time with each other. There will be a few times throughout the day where students will be able to contact home, but all students will be safe and sound and looked after while at camp.

If required I will have the school phone on me.
The number is 0467 805 803.
Mr Adam Thomas
Year 9 Leader of Learning