Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Please find attached the 2020 Internal Sport Programme for Day 5 Sports for Term 1, 2020. Please ensure your child checks the timetable to see what sport group they’re in.  Attendance in each group is compulsory and there is no change of groups.

Internal Sport Information – Term 1, 2020

Internal Sport Programme 2020

Sport Day Expectations – Day 5

All students must be in full Marian sport uniform every Day 5, including white socks. Failure to comply will result in students not being able to participate in sport that day.

Students are to meet their sport teachers at the amphitheatre stairs at the beginning of sport. Girls will meet on the left and boys will meet on the right sides of the amphitheatre. Students are expected to be on time and stay with their sport group while teachers are marking the roll.

All students need to remember that sport is just like any other lesson and must behave accordingly. This includes not using their phone during sport, no speakers to be brought to sport, and appropriate behaviour to all staff, coaches and the public.

Remember to bring school hats, a bottle of water and sunscreen, especially those students who are participating in outdoor activities.

Permission and Waivers

All students must have their Whole School Activities form completed to participate in Internal Sport. The Whole School Activities form can be found here:

Only students going Rock Climbing, Flip Out and Peak Pursuits are required to complete a waiver. Waivers must be completed to be able to participate in the sport so please read below carefully. Students going swimming are to complete the swimming permission note below

  • ROCK CLIMBING – Students going to Rock Climbing must have their parents/carers complete the online waiver. Click on the appropriate link and follow the prompts. Click on the “Adult and Minor(s)” tab and complete the waiver. This must be done by parents BEFORE students can participate.
  • FLIP OUT –  Students going to Flip Out must have their parents/carers complete the online waiver attached. Click on the appropriate link and follow the prompts. This must be done by parents BEFORE students can participate:
  • PEAK PURSUITS –  Students going to Peak Pursuits must have their parents/carers complete a hard copy waiver and bring it to their sport teacher this Friday. You can get a waiver in homeroom from homeroom teachers, at the Student Foyer or print the Peak Pursuits Waiver.
  • SWIMMING –  Students going swimming must have their parents/carers complete the form on School Stream:

If you have any questions, please see Mr Brillo

Thank you for your co-operation

Mr Gianni Brillo
Internal Sports Co-ordinator