Dear Parents & Caregivers,

This notification is to inform the Marian Community of the College Bushfire Response Plan. Due to a warm, dry winter in many parts of NSW, the NSW Rural Fire Service has brought forward the Bushfire Season, in most council areas in NSW to 1 September 2019. 

As part of our Bushfire Response Plan, it is important that all parents are aware of how both Marian Catholic College and St Madeleine’s Primary School will respond if there is any threat of bushfire in proximity to the school campus.

Throughout the bushfire season, both schools maintain a continuous daily summary of the fire risk in the area by monitoring Fires Near Us and consulting with the Rural Fire Service (RFS).

In the event of an identified bushfire risk, the Principals will make the decision on whether school should be cancelled on that day, evacuated, or lock down procedures put in place.

These decisions will be based upon the following risk assessments:

On the day prior to an identified fire risk, at 4pm a decision on conditions will be made by the RFS. If the conditions are deemed:


The Principals will alert the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP), all staff, families and contractors via phone notification (using the School Stream app) or SMS text that the school will be closed the following day and will remain so until the all-clear has been given by the RFS.

Extreme and/or Severe:

The Principals will confer with the RFS and the CEDP and make a decision as to whether the school will close while these conditions prevail. Alerts will be given via School Stream, SMS text messaging and Facebook.

Very High:

The Principals’ assessment will be on a ‘Watch and Act’ basis and a decision will be made in response to the progress of fires in the area. In the case of fire within 2km of the campus, the schools will go into bushfire lockdown. An alert will be sent via School Stream, SMS text and facebook to all families informing them of the situation.

In the case of a lockdown, St Madeleine’s students will be escorted to the hall and Marian students will be accommodated both in the hall and the iLearn Centre.  Both buildings have been constructed to render them ember resistant and they have been identified by the RFS as the safest places of refuge on the site.  In each location, we will have water, snack foods and medical equipment on hand.

All adults and students, including visitors and contractors, will remain on site until authorities indicate that it is safe to leave.  We will endeavor to keep families informed via text and school Stream while we are in lockdown if we are able to do so.

No persons will be permitted to enter the Marian Catholic College or St Madeleine’s Primary School sites once a lockdown has been activated.