Dear Parents & Caregivers,

The annual MCCAF will be held at the Riverside Theatre on Thursday 30 August, 2018. Many students from a range of classes are involved. Performers in MCCAF do not require a ticket.

For MCCAF performers:

  • Students wear sports uniform to school on the day and attend homeroom in the morning.
  • They will be transported to Riverside Theatre Parramatta at 9.00am via bus.
  • They will need to bring food and drinks for the day as canteen facilities will NOT be available.
  • They will NOT bring school bags; a small backpack will be suitable.
  • No student will be permitted to leave the venue during the rehearsal.
  • They will be bussed back to the College in time to connect with normal school buses. (Students will NOT be dismissed from Riverside Theatre. Besides a small number of VET entertainment students, all students will be bussed back to the College).
  • Students’ costumes, musical instruments etc. are their responsibility – not the responsibility of the College. They may be secured at the venue on the afternoon of the rehearsal.
  • VET students are required to be at the venue at 7.30am. They will need to make their own way there. Students will remain at the venue the entire day.
  • Dancers need to come with their hair done (no straighteners or dryers allowed).
  • All performers will be required in the courtyard by 6.00pm. From here, they will be directed to a dressing room or to seating in the Auditorium.

Students will be dismissed from the Auditorium a the END of the show only (approximately 10.30pm) – Please ensure that you fill out the part of the permission note that indicates who is collecting the student.

Tickets are ONLY available through the Riverside Theatre. Please order your tickets early to avoid disappointment as this event was sold out in previous years. Tickets can be purchased here:

It will be a fabulous night!

Kind Regards,

Mr A Hudson
Leader of Learning – CAPA


MCCAF 2018 - Permission Note

MCCAF 2018 - Permission Note