Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Please be advised that tomorrow, Tuesday 3 December will be a Mufti Day for the raising of donations for our College gift to the new St Madeleine’s Church. We are asking for a gold coin donation that will be collected in Homeroom.

Students are reminded that they must wear suitable clothing on the day and that no matter what, they must wear enclosed shoes, no sandals, or flip flops (thongs).

Appropriate clothing includes a variety of items, however, there should be no students wearing any of the following items as these are not suitable for school events: short shorts, singlets, any items of clothing that do not cover shoulders, any other items of clothing that could be considered inappropriate such as T-shirts with offensive language or images on them, jeans or shorts that are torn and do not cover them suitably.

Other items that are normally not allowed are also banned on the day i.e, facial piercings, multiple earrings etc.

If students have a practical lesson on the day where they need to wear leather shoes, these must be brought to school, changed into for the lesson, and changed out of after the lesson.

Students in College uniform do not need to make a donation but they are more than welcome to do so.