Dear Parents / Caregivers,

On Wednesday 21 February, all Year 12 students will participate in a Religious Education excursion to the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple, Berkley in preparation for the study of Buddhism in the Preliminary and HSC courses. Students visiting the Temple will be given a guided tour, vegetarian lunch and an activity – Meditation.

Date: Wednesday 21 February 2018
Cost:  $32 per student
Departure: 8.00 am from Marian for Nan Tien Temple
Return Time: 3.30 pm to Marian Catholic College
Venue: Nan Tien Buddhist Temple, Berkley, Woolongong.
  1. Students will need to bring morning tea and lunch (as the vegetarian meal at the Temple is not filling) and, as they will not be allowed to buy food or drink from commercial venues on the day.
  2. Clipboard, pens, cameras (optional).
  3. Students will not be able to wear shoes in the Temple
  4. Dress: Full College uniform.

Should you have any concerns regarding the excursion, please do not hesitate to contact me at school.  Please complete the below form before Monday 19 February, 2018.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Hruby
Leader of Learning – Religious Education

Nan Tien Temple - Year 12 Excursion

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