Dear Parents & Caregivers,

As you know, your child participated in NAPLAN Online last week. Regrettably there were some connectivity issues that disrupted your child’s experience during testing. Understandably, some students may have been distressed or impacted to an extent that may have affected their performance in the assessment.

The connectivity issues were reported to the national education testing authorities responsible for NAPLAN Online who have now decided that eligible students will have the opportunity to re-sit the tests on Tuesday 28 May.

In your child’s case, he/she is able to re-sit the Writing test.

Re-sitting the NAPLAN Writing test is entirely optional and your child does not have to participate if you do not wish them to do so. In considering whether your child should re-sit the test, please be aware that the result of the second test will be the result that is recorded as your child’s result for NAPLAN 2019.

Please fill in the form below to indicate if you would like your child to re-sit the NAPLAN Writing Test or not. We ask that you please let us know either way by Wednesday 22 May, 12pm.


Mrs Dianne Lowery
Leader of Learning – Curriculum


Year 9 NAPLAN Online - Re-sit Writing Test

Year 9 NAPLAN Online - Re-sit Writing Test