Dear Parents & Caregivers,

This year, our annual Picnic Day will be held on Tuesday, 17 December at Marian Catholic College. Students will have access to a number of rides and activities throughout the day.

Details of the day are as follows:


  • Bungee trampoline Extreme
  • Bubble Soccer and Sports Arena
  • Meltdown
  • Atomic Drop Water Slide
  • Ninja Obstacle Course
  • Hurricane Water Slide
  • Disco
  • Beading, sewing and card making
  • Video Games
  • ‘Big’ games (chess, etc.)
  • Movies

(For more information on the activities in bold, please visit

Students must wear their full sport uniform to and from school. All students must wear a hat and should apply sunscreen before coming to school. As there is a waterslide, students may get wet, so a change of clothes or swimwear under their clothes is recommended. Closed in shoes must be worn throughout the day. Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times. Singlets and clothing that doesn’t cover the shoulders, or short shorts are not considered appropriate.

Lunch (Outback Steakhouse) will be provided and includes a drink and a paddle pop. Slushies will also be available.

Should you have any questions regarding arrangements for the day that are not included in this notification, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Fiona Livingstone on 9654 6717 or [email protected]

Yours sincerely,

Mrs F Livingstone
PDHPE & House Leader of Learning