Dear Parents & Caregivers,

This year we are raising money to build solar powered wells in Zimbabwe. Students are asked to take home the Project Compassion boxes and return them to the Student Foyer before the Easter holidays if possible. Can they please label the boxes with their name and House, and fill in the extra details on the flap if they require a tax receipt.

Other ways that we will raise funds include ‘Dollar Days’ and running the ‘Pineapple’ and ‘Redback’ competitions.

Dollar Days
Starting next Monday (and continuing throughout Lent) each house will have a certain day of the week to bring in $1 to homeroom.

Bradman Mondays

MacKillop Tuesdays

Paterson Wednesdays

Sutherland Thursdays

This will also mean that houses have this assigned day during Lent for any other fundraising activities they want to organise, such as holding cake stalls, guessing competitions, cup cake decorating competitions, sports competitions with gold coin donations etc.

Pineapple and Redback competitions
Students who raise $50 (Pineapple club) or $20 (Redback club) will go into the draw to win prizes, along with house points. This money can be handed in to Student Reception, and prizes will be drawn at the first assembly in Term Two.

All students are encouraged to get involved and help us make a difference. Congratulations to a Year 12 student who has already raised $60 in her local community, and to a MacKillop homeroom that has organised a cake stall for next Tuesday.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Thomas.

Mrs Meg Thomas
Social Justice Leader