Dear Parents & Caregivers,

We would like to advise you of an upcoming TV show that we recommend of interest for parents and caregivers. This comes as a recommendation from the eSafety Commissioner and follows a group of teenagers and their experience with relationships and sexuality via technology.

As a school community we encourage families to be open to positive discussion and create awareness for the likely dangers and consequences of online behaviour, aiming to ensure our students are fully equipped with the right knowledge for their personal wellbeing.

Please see the excerpt from the eSafety Commissioner regarding the series below:


Premiering on 1 August, new SBS drama The Hunting will explore the experiences of teenagers as they traverse the complexities of relationships, identity and sexuality via technology.

Following the lives of four young Australians, their teachers and families throughout the lead up, revelation and aftermath of a nude teen photo scandal, the timely series aims to promote discussion and awareness to enable positive experiences for young people online.

Young people are increasingly exploring their sexuality online, with 26 per cent of teens having sent a nude or sexual image or video of themselves to someone else [1].

Further research from the eSafety Commissioner (eSafety) reveals one in 10 Australians have experienced image-based abuse (IBA). This includes intimate, nude or sexual images that are sent without the consent of those featured. Intimate images may also include images or videos that have been altered (i.e. Photoshopped), or that depict a person without attire of religious or cultural significance which they would normally wear in public. 

For every victim, the experience is different, but often it causes anger, depression, anxiety and feelings of humiliation, and affects their families, social relationships, and overall wellbeing.

Experts suggest conversations about online safety should start in the home, as soon as we hand over devices to children, and be reinforced through their educational journey.

In partnership with eSafety, SBS has created resources aligned to themes explored in the series. Available through SBS’s education portal, SBS Learn, the materials are designed to provide families, carers, teachers and the school community with conversation starters that help address image sharing and cyberbullying with young people, and promote safe and positive experiences online.

The Hunting will air on SBS and SBS On Demand from 1 August, and the SBS Learn resources are available now via the SBS Learn portal. For tips, tools and advice to manage online safety issues visit the eSafety website here.

[1] Mitchell, Patrick, Heywood, Blackman and Pitts. National Survey of Australian Secondary Students and Sexual Health, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, La Trobe University. (2013).


Mrs Tammy Prestage
Assistant Principal