This information was recently shared on our facebook page.

Dear parents and carers,

We appreciate the feedback we have received so far in regards to our new app with School Stream.

It seems at this point, the top feedback has been about the ease of excursion notes – being able to fill them in and even pay using your phone. This helps the College’s environmental footprint by saving paper, and it also has appeared to deliver faster returns of parental permission.

The most constructive criticism we have received however, has been to do with receiving notifications that may not be relevant to you. Our previous app (Skoolbag) automatically signed subscribers up to year groups that they belonged to. This is not an option in School Stream yet, however School Stream DOES have a function where you can click the three lines in the top left hand corner, and select “Setup Groups”. You can then “opt-out” of particular categories*. We have recently edited these categories so they should all appear on your app.

If for some reason your app does not show all year groups as categories, please try the following function:

School Stream > Menu > Settings > Clear Data > Clear All > Navigate back to the School Stream homescreen.
This should reset your connection to the app server and should show you any missing categories that you can’t see. It will also undo your current group selections.

The “Non-Year Specific Forms” category is for permission notes that are sent out that may be relevant to multiple year groups, so we do not recommend unsubscribing from that category.

We would love to hear any other feedback you have on the app, with School Stream also happily taking suggestions on board.
Please send an email to


Miss Dannielle Ward
Media, Events and Communications Coordinator

*Please note you will NOT be able to opt-out of “Alerts”, as this is the category we will use to communicate to parents in regards to an emergency.