Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We have been concerned that our School Stream notifications may not be communicating to our families as effectively as we would like.

It is vital that we are able to notify and communicate with parents and caregivers via this app for various reasons such as:

  • emergency alerts
  • when we have sent home your child’s school report with them
  • excursion notes
  • upcoming events (eg parent/teacher learning conferences)
  • Sports notifications (eg wet weather cancellations)
  • newsletters
  • year group notifications
  • health alerts; and
  • any other important and relevant information.

We therefore ask that all parents, caregivers and students ensure that they have not only downloaded the School Stream app, but have the relevant categories selected to ensure that they receive all notifications relevant to them.

Ensure other family members have School Stream installed

If one of your family members have not already downloaded the School Stream app on their phone or tablet, please select this link and follow the instructions. Alternatively, they can download the app from Google Play (android) or the App Store (iPhone)

Check and Setup Groups 

Please check which notification groups you have selected to receive. If you have some categories turned off, you will not receive the appropriate information. Our app is set up in several categories to help filter the information appropriately.

To setup Groups:

  1. On the top left of your screen you can select the row of lines, a popup menu will appear
  2. Select the ‘Setup Groups’ item
  3. Turn on groups to receive notifications. Groups that are turned on will appear green. Those turned off are greyed out.
  4. We recommend you turn ON the following categories*:
    • Alerts (VERY IMPORTANT)
    • Events
    • General Information
    • Health and Welfare
    • Internal Sport
    • Newsletters
    • Non-Year Specific Forms
    • Select the Year groups that are relevant to your family and remember to change at the start of each new year (Year 9, Year 12 etc)*Please note these categories could be subject to change, you will be notified by the app should they be updated

Kind Regards,

Natalie Hanlon
Media, Events & Communications Coordinator