Dear Parents and Caregivers,

College Swimming Carnival
Monday 12 February, 2018
Blacktown Aquatic Centre
4 Boyd St, Blacktown

The College Swimming Carnival is Monday 12 February, Week 3. It is a normal school day and full attendance is compulsory. On the day, students must wear sports uniform to school, and may bring a shirt of their house colour to change into once they arrive at the carnival. It is suggested that they wear their swimwear under their uniforms. Students will have normal homeroom, and then be called down to board the buses and go to the swimming pool. Students will then return for normal buses home by 3.19pm.

There is one early event (the 100m Freestyle) and one late event (the 200m Individual Medley). Students wishing to compete in these events need to catch the early bus leaving school at 7.30am and will return around 3.45pm. Students can also be taken to the pool by parents. Permission notes (attached) need to be returned for these events Thursday the 8th February at the latest, so Mr Thomas knows who is competing in these events.

Any student leaving before the end of the carnival will be classed as a partial attendance. A note from the parent must be provided or the parent must be present to sign the child out. Any student leaving early must be signed out by Ms Dragovic who will be situated near the entry door throughout the day. Any parent taking a student home at the end of the day (ie. the student is not catching the bus back to school) must arrange this with Ms Dragovic at 1.30pm. Absence from the day must be explained by the end of the week.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Adam Thomas
External Sport Coordinator