Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Thank you for your cooperation around the new traffic flow arrangements put in place as a result of the Parish building compound fence being erected. It appears that the current arrangement is working but it will be continuously monitored for improvements as circumstances change.

Please remember that you can only exit the school the same way that you came in i.e. if you came in from the main driveway that will be your point of exit. If you came in from the second driveway that will be your point of exit. Also remember that the second driveway is a left hand turn only exit onto Annangrove Road and should you need to turn right onto Annangrove Rd from the second driveway you need to drive down to the roundabout on Bannerman Rd to do so.

With regards to entering the driveways by doing a right hand turn, the main driveway has a right hand turn lane and, whilst there are double lines across Annangrove Rd, a right hand turn is permitted to enter the second entrance as it is a driveway.

Safety is of the utmost priority and importance. If there is traffic congestion during the peak times of drop off and pick up:

  • Please be patient & respectful.
  • Follow the instruction & direction of school staff or traffic wardens.
  • Obey the speed limit and directional signage.