Dear Parents & Caregivers,

As the new school year commences next week.  We would like to remind you of the College Uniform & Grooming Policy and draw your attention to some important points.

All students need to ensure that they are in correct summer uniform and meet  the hairstyle & grooming requirements for the first day back of 2020.  

Hairstyle Requirements for Boys & Girls

  • Clean (excessive use of gel and other styling products is not permitted).
    • Off the face and ears (wispy bangs and strands are not permitted).
    • Tied back if shoulder length
  • Not to be shaved less than a number 2
  • Even (long strands are not permitted) or not overly graded in cut (undercut not permitted)
  • One natural colour – includes various shades of brown, black or blond. (Dyed ‘white blonde’ or bleached hair is not deemed a natural colour).

Boys Facial Hair 

Boys must be clean shaven when they arrive at school each day. Any boys who arrive at school unshaven will not be permitted to attend class and will be sent to the Student Reception in the Administration building to obtain a single use shaving kit and must shave before returning to class. 


  • Clear colourless nailpolish is permitted. (No colour is permitted).
  • Nails are to be of short length clear or french tip only


  • A plain neck chain with a small religious symbol is permitted.
    • One plain silver or gold ring is permitted (easily removable for practical lessons).
    • One pair of silver or gold sleepers or plain studs in lower earlobe is permitted (ie. one earring in each ear).
  • No bracelets are permitted to be worn at school.
  • Clear / plastic studs are not permitted at any time.

NOTE – Apart from earrings, all other body piercing and body decorations such as tattoos must not be visible whilst in College uniform

Any student who is in breach of the College Uniform & Grooming Policy will be sent to the respective Year Leader of Learning and will not be permitted to attend class until the breach is rectified

Please refer to the College website (Marian Connect) for the most current Uniform & Grooming Policy

We expect and appreciate parents support in this matter. 

Liz Sproats
Acting Leader of Learning Pastoral Care