Dear Parents & Caregivers,

At the beginning of February, we advised families regarding the creation of a temporary bus stop while roadworks were undertaken along Old Pitt Town Road, Box Hill.

Please see the status update below:

  • Road works will be complete tomorrow.
  • Old Pitt Town Road is operating as normal and the detour has been closed.
  • The final layer of asphalt is being put down on 11/4/2019
  • The road will be line marked on 18/4/2019
  • There is currently a new water main being installed behind the kerb.
  • Over the school holiday break, a concrete footpath will be poured (weather dependent).
  • Once the footpath is complete and the area safe for pedestrians , the school bus stop will be then set back up in its original location, clearly sign posted and line marked.

The location of the old bus stop is still a construction zone and unsafe for parents and students. Parents & school children should continue to use the current temporary bus stop when they return for the first week of Term 2.

The aim is to have the school bus stop up and running in the 2nd week of term. We expect to receive further information which will be communicated via School Stream when this change occurs.