Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I am writing to you to provide a further update of the College’s response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Today, we were advised that schools are to remain open at this time but the NSW Premier’s advice to all parents is, from tomorrow, to keep their children at home if possible.

Tomorrow, as I indicated to you in an earlier communication, we will roll out our remote learning and teaching strategies to all students to support the continuation of the delivery of our educational programmes.  This delivery is based on the expansion of the current online learning platforms which have been widely used for some time in the College, such as Google Classroom, Edrolo and Zoom. There is also a vast array of online teaching resources that can be utilised to further enhance remote learning experiences. 

Information has been communicated today to all students about the expectation regarding their learning from home. Students will be expected to follow their regular timetable each day, periods one to five, and need to engage meaningfully in the online learning experiences that will be provided by their teachers.

Face to face lessons are suspended and students who attend school will not have classes delivered by their regular teachers.  All learning, either on or off site, will be delivered through the online platform. Students who attend school will be supervised while completing their online learning individually and social distancing protocols will be strictly enforced, for the health of both students and staff. Canteen facilities will not be functioning and any students who attend school will need to bring their own food and drinks. They will not be permitted to leave the school premises to obtain food nor will they be allowed to order any food onto the premises.

It is expected that no child will attend school if they are exhibiting any symptoms of ill health. Parents will be contacted immediately to collect their child if they present as sick.

Infographics have been sent out to all students this afternoon to support them in engaging in the online learning.  We request that parents discuss these expectations with their children and have attached these infographics for your reference.

It is vital for our daily planning, that parents email the College by 8 a.m. each day to inform us that their child will be presenting at school on [email protected].

There is no need to email the College if you are keeping your child at home.

We are very aware of the stress that all this uncertainty is causing and we appreciate your support as we navigate through these unprecedented times.  I also take this opportunity to acknowledge the entire Marian staff who continue to rise to all the challenges that are being presented to them in a caring and professional way.

Parents and carers can also access support from:

Yours sincerely

Jayne Campbell


COVID19 23 March 2020