Congratulations for ‘being brave enough to shave’ in support of the Leukemia Foundation fundraiser, World’s Greatest Shave.

Details of the event are:

Shave Date: Friday 16 March, 2018
Venue: Marian Catholic College Kenthurst
How short? Students’ hair will be shaved to no more than clipper length No.1. For health and liability reasons we don’t recommend blade shaves down to the skin. Girls may have the option to drastically cut their hair instead of shaving.
Who will shave hair? A qualified hairdresser will be shaving the hair of participants.

Please note any parents or supporters wishing to attend the event need to sign in at the front office.

I want to shave! What do I do?

STEP 1:  Register online for ‘Team Marian Kenthurst’ at

STEP 2: Fill out the below permission form. Ensure you have provided your unique reference/ Team Marian number.

STEP 3: Ask your sponsors to help reach your goal.
Students can get outside sponsorship and use the suggested donation pathway on the website. Students will also have the opportunity to collect pledges from schoolmates who wish to donate on the day in cash. Teachers will supervise with the collection of funds on the day. Ms Vidler will have Pledge Forms for you to collect. Alternatively funds can be directly pledged online through each participant’s page.  There are lots of suggestions on the website about how you may like to encourage people to sponsor you.

STEP 4: Be Brave and Shave!
On the day students will be able to watch and also cheer you along. Tell your friends to come and support you and encourage them to sponsor you on the day. We will be shaving straight after mass on Marian Day (Friday 16 March)!

STEP 5: Marian Catholic College will deposit directly via your unique reference number, any funds you collect on the day.

STEP 6: Party on, and enjoy the compliments you’ll receive for your amazing new look!

Take photos – Look amazing – ask people for more donations once they see how great you look!

Thank everyone
who supported you.  They got you to your goal after all!

STEP 7: Pay in the money you’ve collected by reaching your goal – thank you! Go to for help on ways to pay in if you don’t do it through the College!

World's Greatest Shave (Permission Note)
For health and liability reasons blade shaves down to the skin will not be permitted.

2017’s video: