Dear Parents & Caregivers,

On Tuesday 27th November 2018, Year 10 students will be attending a Driver Education Excursion as part of their PDHPE program. Attendance at the RYDA Road Safety Education Program is compulsory. It is designed for 15-18 year olds as they begin to drive or ride in cars driven by their peers. The program focuses on attitude and awareness with the aim of equipping young adults to stay safe on our roads. This program is not just for drivers, but young people as passengers too.

The programme has been initiated by the Rotary Clubs in The Hills District who will provide experienced presenters to deliver practical road safety information.

The details of the day are as follows:

Date: Tuesday 27th November 2018.
Venue: Tennis Centre, Sydney Olympic Park
Cost: N/A – cost is included in school fees
Transport: Buses Depart: 8:55am. All students are to meet in the Main Quad for Homeroom. Buses Return: 3:10pm. in time for normal departure.
Uniform: Full College summer uniform, including school bag or school sport bag.
What to Bring: Pen, morning tea & lunch


RYDA delivers six interactive sessions aimed at exploring crucial aspects of travelling safely, combining the efforts of local road safety experts, including driving instructors, the Police and recovering survivors of road crashes.

The program does not contain graphic images, however it does touch on the consequences of road crashes and can be emotionally confronting for those students who have experienced similar trauma.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s response to these topics, please advise us, so that we can provide the appropriate support on the day.

Details of the program can be found in the brochure overleaf, or at, which has many other resources.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other queries regarding the day.

Please fill out this permission form by Tuesday 13th November.


Mrs F Livingstone
Leader of Learning – PDHPE

Year 10 PDHPE Driver Ed

Year 10 PDHPE Driver Ed