Dear Year 10 Parents and Caregivers,

On Monday 5 March 2018, students in Year 10 completed the Year 10 Allwell Tests which are facilitated by Academic Assessment Services Pty Ltd. These tests assessed aptitude and ability in the key areas of literacy and numeracy as well as career awareness and interests.

Individual student academic and career report booklets will be sent home today with your son/daughter. The report booklet is provided to families to support discussions about student achievement, strengths, career interests and pathways, and areas in which students can apply themselves to face challenges in their learning. These results will be thoroughly reviewed by teachers, the Year Leader and Careers staff to ensure that individual student needs are catered for within School planning and teaching and learning programmes.

Should you have any queries, please contact Mrs Fiona Livingstone at the College on 9654 6700.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Fiona Livingstone
PDHPE and House Leader of Learning