Dear Parents and Caregivers of  Year 10 PASS Students,

During the unit on ‘Commercialism in Sport’ we are looking at the impact money and greed has on the sporting industry and the history of sport in such arenas.

To illustrate some of these issues, we will be viewing the Gladiator Movie.  

This movies has a rating of M as it has scenes that show moderate violence, moderate themes and moderate coarse language.  Please be assured that although these occur in the movie, we do not condone the use of violence or coarse language.

The movie both portrays athletes being used for show by the Roman Empire, the difficulties encountered by people of the time and in particular, the Roman Games in the Coliseum.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your son or daughter watching “Gladiator”, please contact the relevant PASS Teacher or Mrs Livingstone (PDHPE Leader of Learning) at the College.

Mr Thomas and Mrs McGrath

Year 10 PASS Teachers