Dear Parents / Caregivers,

Once again we begin the organisation for the Senior Retreats, a major feature of our Religious Education curriculum at Marian Catholic College. There is little doubt that retreats represent one of the most effective expressions of Catholic school culture and belief. The retreat experience focuses on the development of reflective awareness, a sense of belonging, an appreciation of the need for reconciliation, a deep respect for the value of personal story, the opportunity for the development of a relationship with God and a search for religious meaning. While this sounds very challenging, feedback from students invariably affirms the impact and influence of retreats on their personal spiritual journey. Our Year 12 students have been looking forward to this opportunity since their very positive experiences at the Year 11 retreat last year.

The organisation of Year 12 Retreats for 2018 is as follows:
(Students will be allocated into groups A, B or C by Mr Kinchington.)

Venues: Group A – Kiah Ridge Conference Centre at Tahmoor.
Group B – Benedict XVI Conference Centre at Grose Vale.
Group C – The Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops.
Dates: Wednesday 23 May to Friday 25 May.
Times: Depart Marian 9.10am Wednesday;
Return to Marian by 1.30pm Friday.
Cost: (The cost has been added to your School Fees Account)
Students must bring: Linen, a sleeping bag, warm clothing, toiletries, towel and a small torch.
Do not bring: Large amounts of money or other unnecessary valuables. Students’ mobile phones will be available for use in free time only.

Special dietary needs can be catered for when prior notification is given. If you need to, complete the attached Special Dietary Requirements forms.

Please complete all details on the attached Information and Preferences sheet – briefly include food allergies, dietary requirements and special medical needs that we need to consider. Students with medication must have it clearly labelled with their name, doctor, and specific instructions for its use. Staff will supervise the dispensing of these medications as necessary. Medication must be left with their retreat manager during the retreat.

The Senior Retreat experiences are special for students and teachers. Before going on retreat the rules and expectations that the College has regarding student conduct, cooperation, and the possession and or use of banned substances, are very clearly explained to students.
Marian teachers who are attending the retreats have the dual responsibility of conducting retreat sessions as well as supervising the students for three days and two nights. For this reason, breaches of the rules are simply not tolerated. Parents and students need to be aware that students who are uncooperative or who breach the rules will be sent home immediately. This policy will be strictly enforced. This will necessitate parents coming to the retreat site to collect their son or daughter.

Students will be sent home if they breach ANY of the following:

  • Bringing and / or using any of these substances: tobacco products; alcohol; unlawful drugs; amphetamines; and any mood-altering substances;
  • Being out of one’s assigned room between lights out and 6.00am;
  • Engaging in any dangerous or inappropriate activities;
  • Disobeying the rule of boys not permitted in girls’ accommodation area and girls not being permitted in boys’ accommodation area at ANY time.

Please ensure that all parent contact details are up to date with the office as we may need to contact you in case of an emergency. All Permission forms and associated paperwork must be completed before Monday 12 March.

Senior Retreats are considered of such importance that attendance at both the Year 11 and Year 12 Retreats is compulsory for all students. All parents and students signed the Senior School Agreement prior to enrolment in Year 11. It stated that students would be required to attend the mandatory Retreats in their senior years at Marian Catholic College.

Please contact any of us if you require clarification on any of the matters raised in this correspondence.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Jayne Campbell (Principal), Mr Stephen Kinchington (Year 12 Leader of Learning) and Mr Michael Hruby (Religious Education Leader of Learning)

To be completed by the parent / guardian: 

Year 12 Retreat - Permission Note

To be completed by the student:

Year 12 Retreat - Information and Preferences
(e.g Lactose intolerant – No Milk products)
(e.g Asthma - Ventolin – Self medicating)
(e.g. Epipen for treatment of allergies)
Each pair must write both their names on each other’s information forms. Both forms should be identical for this section.