Dear Year 8 Parents & Caregivers,

The Validation of Assessment for Learning & Individual Development (VALID) test for Year 8 students will be held between Monday 29 October and Friday 9 November 2018. The test takes approximately 70 minutes. The VALID Science 8 test is an interactive, multimedia test completed entirely on a computer.

VALID Science 8 contains multiple choice, short response and extended response tasks that are grouped around real-world issues, including scientific investigations. This is a diagnostic test, with tasks framed on Stage 4 outcomes and essential content in the NSW Science Years K–10 Syllabus. Students will be tested on their:

  • knowledge and understanding of science
  • understanding and skills in the process of scientific investigation
  • ability to evaluate evidence, make judgements and think critically
  • ability to access information and communicate scientific ideas.

Students also complete a survey about their opinions, attitudes and values about science. Since students complete VALID Science 8 on their iPad, each student needs to bring headphones or earbuds that plug into their iPad. Earbuds for an iPod or portable player are suitable.

Results of the test will be available during Term 1 2019. Information about each student is treated confidentially and held securely to ensure that the right to privacy of all students is maintained. A personal report for each student will be sent to parents/carers to describe the science knowledge and skills demonstrated by the student in the test. There will also be information about how your child’s results compare with overall performance of all students in the test.

The Science Leader of Learning is able to provide you with more details about the VALID program if you require additional information.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Melissa Royal
Leader of Learning – Science