Dear Parents / Caregivers,

A two day camp has been organised for Year 9 coming up in Term 1. It is expected that Year 9 students will gain a great deal from the social interaction and develop a greater sense of belonging to their Year group. The camp also aims to encourage Year 9 students to develop greater self-reliance, resourcefulness, self-esteem and the ability to make decisions. It will provide opportunities for the students to develop skills in relating to their peers and teachers.

Students will be staying overnight at the camp this year. There is an early start on the first day to maximise the number of activities that can be completed. Parents are reminded that the camp is a compulsory experience for all students. Please see times below.

DATES: Thursday 5 April and Friday 6 April
VENUE: Vision Valley
ADDRESS: 7 Vision Valley Rd, Arcadia
THURSDAY: On Thursday 5 April, parents will need to drop off their child at Marian by 7:15am  to maximise time at camp activities.
FRIDAY: On Friday 6 April, the students will return to Marian by 3pm in time for students to catch normal buses home.
COST: Covered in 2018 school fees
NOTES: Both forms below (Parental Acknowledgment and Medical & Consent Form) are to be completed by Monday 12 March.

CONTACT INFORMATION AT CAMP: If a parent needs to contact a student in an emergency situation, they can call:

0427 151 620 (College mobile – contact: Mr Mark Kennedy)

1800 043 344 (Vision Valley)

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: see below Gear Checklist


  1. Camp Guidelines

Whilst challenge and enjoyment are integral components of the program, student safety is our first priority. Hence, it is essential that you read with your child and consent to, the guidelines below. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all involved, any student putting themselves or their peers at risk of injury through a breach of these guidelines will be required to be picked up and returned home.

Students will be sent home if they breach ANY of the following:

  • Bringing and / or using any of these substances: tobacco products; alcohol; unlawful drugs; amphetamines; energy drinks, and any mood altering substances;
  • Engaging in any dangerous or inappropriate activities;
  • Disobeying camp rules and/or being rude or disrespectful to staff;
  • Breaching the ‘hands off’ rule;
  • Being uncooperative and not following safety instructions that could endanger themselves or others

Students are expected to co-operate with the staff at the site and respect the environment of the camp venue. Students who deliberately damage property or whose irresponsible actions result in damage to property will be expected to pay for it.

  1. Gear Checklist

Students will need to bring a bag containing:

  • One change of clothes per day
  • Enclosed shoes
  • Warm clothes (jumper, long pants, jacket)
  • Underwear and socks
  • Bath towel
  • Personal toiletries
  • Plastic bag for wet or dirty clothes
  • Bed linen (top and bottom sheet and pillow slip or bottom sheet, sleeping bag and pillow slip)
  • Swimmers, towel and change of clothes
  • Sleepwear

Closed-in shoes are required at all times for activities and WH&S. Singlet tops will not be permitted, for sun safety and due to harnesses/life-jackets being worn during the activities. All students are required to wear shorts of an appropriate length. Due to certain activities being water based, students are asked to bring swimmers, a change of clothes and a towel. Skirts are not suitable for any of the activities provided. Chewing gum is not permitted.

Mobile devices including phones will not be required and should remain at home. Devices that are brought to the venue will be collected on day one and returned at the conclusion of the camp. Students will be given an opportunity, at a designated time, to access their phone if they wish to make contact with parents. There will be teachers taking photos throughout the two days to have memories of our time at camp.

  1. Medical and Consent Form

It is imperative that parents of students who suffer seriously from asthma provide sufficient information and an asthma management plan, so that teachers can take appropriate action in the event of an attack.  Students who require inhalers should carry them at all times while at camp.  Similarly, all students that suffer from the risk of anaphylaxis must keep their EpiPen on them at all times and provide sufficient documentation.

Please ensure you complete the Current Medication section carefully. Scheduled medication must be provided in the original container (as required by legislation) if your child needs to take it to camp. Medication will be collected by Mr Kennedy, on Thursday morning before we depart for camp.

Sick or injured students may be taken to the nearest Medical Centre for assessment by a doctor if this is considered appropriate. You will be informed if this happens. Please ensure you have recorded your Medicare and Private Health Insurance Fund numbers on the Medical and Consent Form.

  1. Financial Information

Payment for camp has been included as part of the 2018 school fees.

Parents are reminded that the camp is a compulsory experience for all students. Students who are unable to attend are expected to be at school for those two days. The parent/caregiver of any student who cannot attend the camp must notify Mr Kennedy in writing immediately.

If you have any queries concerning the Year 9 Camp, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Kennedy at the College. Thank you for your support and we look forward to enjoying a fulfilling camp experience with your child.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Jayne Campbell (Principal), and
Mr Mark Kennedy (Year 9 Leader of Learning)

To be completed by the parent / guardian and student:

Year 9 Day Camp - Permission Note
(e.g Lactose intolerant – No Milk products)
(e.g Asthma - Ventolin – Self medicating)
(e.g. Epipen for treatment of allergies)

Write the full names of members of your friendship group here:

As we allocate student to different activity groups, we will attempt to but cannot guarantee to place friendship groups together. We may not be able to accommodate everyone.