Permission required for Year 9 Elective History students only

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

During the unit Reconstructing History, Year 9 Elective History is studying representations of historical events in film. This content has been carefully selected as part of a teaching and learning program that is drawn from the NSW and Australian Curriculum.

To illustrate this the students will be studying ‘The King’s Speech’. This film has an M rating as it has scenes that contain coarse language.

Permission for your child to watch this content is sought. If you could please return the attached permission form it would be greatly appreciated. If you would prefer that your child not watch M rated content they will be placed in an alternate venue such as the library and alternate work will be provided during that time.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Melissa Guy
Leader of Learning – HSIE

Please fill out the permission form as soon as possible.


Permission to watch M Rated Movies - Year 9 Elective History
I give permission for my son/daughter to watch the M rated movie (The King's Speech) for Elective History