Dear Parents & Caregivers,

During our next unit in Year 9 Food Technology students will be examining the history of food in Australia – beginning with traditional bush foods prepared by Aborigines, the influence of early European settlers with continuing immigration from a variety of cultures, and examine the subsequent effects on contemporary Australian eating patterns. During the excursion, students will engage with Food in Australia by investigating, preparing and tasting Aboriginal bush foods and discovering how the diet began to evolve when the first settlers farmed food on this land.

Students are to meet at 8:45 am at the college and will return at approximately 2:00pm, ready for normal classes in period 5. Students are required to bring enough recess, lunch and water for the day as there are no facilities to purchase food or drink from. Students are required to wear their full sports uniform.

When: Tuesday 30 April, 2019
Venue: Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney
Cost: $25 per person
Time: 8.45am – 2.00pm (in time for Period 5)
What to bring: Recess, lunch & water
Uniform: Full sports uniform

For: Year 9 Food Technology Students

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Karina Olsen at the college 9654 6700 or

For more information:

Please fill out the permission form below by Wednesday 10 April, and make payment through the Trybooking link below. The cost of the excursion has been closely calculated to cover the entry fees and bus charges. Excursions must pay for themselves, and for this reason, refunds for non-attendance cannot be made.



PLEASE NOTE: We are currently trialling a new payment gateway through trybooking for our excursions. Please go to the link below to make payment via Credit Card. A service fee will be added to the booking but PLEASE NOTE we have factored this into the total cost of the excursion and have absorbed this cost. Also note that American Express payments incur a 1.1% charge in addition to the total cost of the excursion.


Yours Sincerely,

Miss Karina Olsen
TAS Teacher


Year 9 Food Technology Excursion - Royal Botanic Gardens

Year 9 Food Technology Excursion - Royal Botanic Gardens