Dear Parents & Caregivers of Year 9 students,

During the unit on ‘Eucharist’ and, the ‘Church in the Middle Ages’, we look at a variety of aspects of Eucharist and the Middle Ages includes Monks and Monasteries, the Crusades and some of the Church’s practices during the period.

To illustrate some of these, we use DVD movies including: Paying it Forward, Joan of Arc and Kingdom of Heaven.

Each of these movies has an M or MA rating as they all have scenes that show violence and contain some language that might be considered inappropriate.

I would like your permission to show these movies to your son/daughter, knowing that although these occur in the movie, we do not condone the use of violence or language that is inappropriate.  

The movies both portray the difficulties encountered by people of the time and in particular, the Kingdom of Heaven is a good representation of the Crusades and the attempts by the Church to protect and keep Jerusalem in Christian hands.

Please return this letter by next lesson so that all students can watch Pay it Forward this week.

Thank you for your permission in this matter

Mr Michael Hruby
Leader of Learning – Religious Education


Year 9 RE - M/MA Rated Movies

Year 9 RE - M/MA Rated Movies